Guitar clinic

a unique clinic for music enthusiasts

1 till 6 May 2016

The previous guitar clinic which was held in May 2009 was a great success. For the first time ever Peter van Elswijk organised a unique clinic for music enthusiasts, together with guitarists Eric Vaarzon Morel and Harry Sacksioni.

a small performanceguitar virtuoso

The students received lessons for six days in the loveliest spots in the South of France. Places where they played included French vineyards and close to a beautiful abbey. Not only did the locations ensure a wonderful atmosphere, the teachers also added their own contribution.

In the first few days Peter van Elswijk taught the students himself under the French sun. Then guitar virtuoso Eric Vaarzon Morel taught the students the finger-clicking skills of the flamenco which were brought to the attention of the camp site guests in the evening over a glass of wine. On the final days Harry Sacksioni also gave a lesson to the enthusiastic course members. He gave a small performance in the evening which provided a wonderful ambiance.

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